Friday, February 27, 2009

Baby Photos!

And here's Eirik!

"Ladies and gentlemen, good evening! You've seen and seeing is believing!"

Kelly seeing Eirik for the first time

This is the best thing I've ever done in my life

Welcome to the world, little man!

Eirik getting weighed, cleaned up and wired for sound

Otis holding Eirik for the first time

Hey there Daddy!

Giving Eirik a kiss

All ten toes present and accounted for

Eirik being held by Otis

Little feet leave big footprints on our hearts

Snuggling up to daddy

Comforting Eirik after he gets put into the warmer

Otis cutting Eirik's umbilical cord

Eirik holding his Kitty in the warmer

Eirik and Kitty

It's a Viking!

Please welcome Eirik Jon Richardson!
Born February 26, 2009
at 8:11PM
4 pounds 13 ounces
18.75 inches!

Pre-baby Photos

Photos before the big event!

The nurses left a message as soon as we had a "go" for the C-section

Photos of Otis before...

Otis all decked out in scrubs

It is I... Super DAD!

Otis doing his best Dr. House impression... without the cane

Photos of Kelly before...

Kelly both smiling, happy, and slightly doped up on magnesium sulfate for the C-section

Say goodbye to the belly...

Leaving a joke for Dr. Sporl