Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Eirik and Eddie

Before Eirik came along, we were the proud parents of three fur children:

Eddie (12 years old)

Lady (3 years old)

and, last, but not any way by a long shot, least -

Toby (2 years old).

We freely admit that we shamelessly spoiled them - their very own cat fountain, an IKEA cat bed, comfy blankets on the windows to look outside, outside birds that were fed for their amusement, tasty food, treats, toys, catnip and and open door to our bedroom. We were slightly concerned when Eirik came along that our original "children" would be quite upset.

So far, things have been OK, not perfect, but OK. Lady is indifferent, and Toby, Kelly's former "baby," has taken to sulking by sleeping in the kitchen in his cat bed by the back window and ignoring Kelly.

Eddie, however, has taken on his familiar role of "kitten raiser" and is hard at the task of minding Eirik. One of the more interesting things he does is wake up Kelly by tapping her on the head when Eirik is starting to stir before she knows it.

Hey, boss... I think your kitten is about to wake up.

As Eddie has gotten older, he's slowed down a little and one of his favorite things to do is nap in the sunshine. Not to mention that he loves to snuggle with little man.

Eirik: I'll fight you for the bed.
Eddie: I still outweigh you 2 to 1, wee man...

And as the head cat of the house and Kelly's longtime companion, it comes as no surprise that he's also added protector to his job role. Nothing quite like having a furry guardian to watch over you.

Yes, I know this is your bed, but there it's my job to watch out for monsters!

If Eddie were a dog - this would be him!

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