Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Long time, no post.

It's been a long time since we last posted on our blog - all of the experiences of new parenthood are settling in and, with them, figuring out our days and what to do with them.

Seeing as how it's been more than a month - here's what you've missed!

- Eirik visited his family in Idaho over Easter and met Grampa Don and Nana Janna, along with all of Nana Janna's family, including Great Gramma Dee and Great Grampa Roy.

- Eirik got his 2 month shots... and was not happy about it. And despite feeling like we've betrayed his tiny trust by having 3 needles jabbed into him, we feel that, as a public health preventative measure, vaccinations are important not only to him, but to also help stop the spread of childhood diseases everywhere.

- Eirik had his baby blessing ceremony at Circle Sanctuary in Wisconsin. Surrounded by family, friends, and a supportive community, we called on our gods, our ancestors and the elements to protect and guide him through his days.

- Eirik met his Wisconsin family and friends as well at a party in his honor. Great Gramma Jan came by, and we visited Great Gramma Leona at her room in the care center. Many of our family friends, close friends and family members visited us in Sheboygan, ate cake, and got to hold and cuddle him for the first time.

- Eirik had his baby portraits taken by Tiffany and is one handsome little guy. We can't wait for the photos!

- Eirik is now on the weight and height tables for his age - he's in the lower percentiles, but his growth has been amazing, he is really healthy and is doing incredibly well.

- Eirik can hold up his head for longer periods during the day, and can give us these great baby smiles.

We have a lot of great photos and we'll be sharing them with you in the days to come!

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Aaron said...

My friend Bronwen was at Circle Sanctuary as well and said that your ceremony brought her to tears. Wish I could have been there but I hope all is well with you.