Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Eirik and Kelly at Sonic

When Kelly was pregnant with Eirik, one of the worst cravings she had was for the famous Cherry Lime-aid of Sonic Drive-In. When Kelly was living in South Carolina, Sonic was just down the road, and she often stopped there on her way to inspect pools on Hilton Head Island.

Flash forward a couple of years to Labor Day... In the icky-morning sickness days of being pregnant, one of those Cherry Lime-Aids sure sounded good. Needless to say, Sonic wasn't down the road, so on a trip to Idaho, Kelly stopped in Spokane, Washington for one of those famous drinks. (And to get one for the road, too!)

My pregnancy, sponsored by Sonic!

Almost a year later, we now have a Sonic in Puyallup and on our trip to Wisconsin, we just had to stop at the Sonic on Miller Parkway in Milwaukee for one of those famous Cherry Lime-aids, a coney dog, and of course, the tots!

Repeat after me: Hello, my name is Kelly, and I'm a Limeaidaholic.

But Kelly wasn't the only recipient of that luscious Labor Day Lime-aid... So here we have some shameless pictures of Eirik posing with some of the delights of Sonic!

Eirik with a coney dog that's as big as he is.

No, go find your own tots!

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