Saturday, March 28, 2009

The fuzzy family

Although Eirik is our first human kid, we've got three "furry kids" in our house as well - our cats Eddie, Lady and Toby. So far, they seem to be accepting little man ok, or in the case of Toby, perfecting the fine art of ignoring him completely while brooding in a sunny window.

Eddie (above), our oldest at 11 years, and quite possibly the coolest cat in the world, seems to really like hanging around Eirik. I almost picture him saying "Hey, kitten, you're new here... let me show you the ropes" like he's done for the other kittens he's brought up.

Mom's making lunch... I'll just keep an eye on this Gramma person to make sure you're OK, kid.

This is a lap, kid, and it's the best seat in the house.

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