Monday, March 30, 2009

A walk on Ruston Way

Seeing as how it was sunny (gasp!) on Sunday, we decided to make the best of a nice day and go for a drive and then a walk down Ruston Way. Even though it looked warm, it was kind of chilly with the wind coming off the Sound. Despite that, it was still nice to get out.

The view on Ruston Way. You can see it snowing in the mountains in the distance.

Looking across the Sound to Dash Point. The pilings are from an old lumber mill.

Sweethearts finding a nice way to keep warm.

Eirik slid down into the sling just as the timer went off so all you see is his little head!

Kelly posing with Eirik in the sling

Eirik staying all snuggly-toasty and happy with his hat and binkie in the sling.

Happy family!

Otis in front of the pilings looking for interesting bits of stuff

Kelly and Eirik snuggling after his hat was blown off

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